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Remember when Special Agent Dale Cooper sold out and did coffee commercials in Japan?

Let me refresh yr memory.

It’s a four-part mystery explained and wrapped up in two minutes – half of which is spent extolling the virtues of Georgia Coffee.

Now THAT’S storytelling.

And anyway, it makes about as much sense as Twin Peaks ever did.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was a huge fan of Twin Peaks when it aired. But it did kind of lose the plot a third of the way through Season 2. And the less said about Fire Walk With Me the better.

Still, I regard Agent Cooper as one of the greatest TV characters ever created.

FUN FACT: Georgia Coffee wasn’t happy with the results of this campaign. Consequently, plans for a second series of commercials were scrapped.

It’s true,

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[Via Matt Fraction]

Okay, it's probably tea, not coffee. 

Silence. I'm trying to blog here.


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I took this pic this morning whilst sitting in the local coffee shop in Disco Bay.

Two of these people are corpses. Can you spot them?

SPOT THE CORPSE 01, Pacific Coffee, Discovery Bay, Halloween 2012

Click here for the answer! )

I like my local coffee shop.

Death by coffee,

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ITEM: Remember the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop? The one in Maine that someone burned down last year?

Turns out the jealous boyfriend did it.


The state fire marshal's office released an affidavit Friday alleging 48-year-old Raymond Bellavance Jr. used gasoline to start the fire in June 2009 because the woman, a waitress, was in a sexual relationship with Donald Crabtree, owner of the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop.

So at least it wasn’t fundamentalists freaked out over boobies. This time.


Things we lost in the fire,

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Team Def will be on the road for the next few days. Or for the next couple of weeks, actually.

Tomorrow it’s Hainan Island (that’s in the People’s Republic Of China, children) for some R&R with the family. Which should be fun since it’s one of those package tours that involves three nights in three hotels, and the itinerary is only available in Chinese.

So I really have no idea where we’ll be going. I understand a coffee factory is on the schedule. That’s potentially bloggable right there.

Then it’s back to HK for a few days, and then off to Singapore on Official Telephones Business (OTB).

However, I’ll be offline for the Hainan trip, as per my policy of not bringing laptops on family vacations. So this blog will be going dark until at least Sunday.

In the meantime, enjoy this selection from the King Sisters. It’s about coffee, see?

Up all night,

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While it’s true that my idea of a fun evening is hanging out at the local indie coffeehouse guzzling caffeine – which is at least partly fueled by the fact that I require jugs of caffeine just to stay conscious these days – I’ve never really been enthralled by the “let’s caffeinate everything” trend, which in itself is a subset of the energy drink phenomenon. I’ve tried several energy drinks, and while a couple do have the desired effect, they’re also uniformly a mouthful of nasty.

So I’ve missed out on the whole Red Bull thing. Turns out it’s just as well, as the new drink sensation sweeping the Hi-NRG Nation is anti-energy drinks.

Yes. Instead of taurine and caffeine, you can get drinks spiked with chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root.

What Drank provides ... is a way to unwind after work for people who might otherwise turn to alcohol. The good vibes kick in anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes after finishing off the drink -- and this relaxation state lasts about two hours ... As for Slow Cow, it typically takes effect some 45 minutes after drinking it, says Slow Cow spokesman Keith Whitlock.

Somehow I don’t see this taking the place of beer as an after-work drink. Also, I’m pretty sure that if you drink an energy drink and an anti-energy drink at the same time, the universe implodes. That was a Star Trek episode. So it must be true.

Don’t bring me down,

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I’ve always been a night person. But while everyone else would spend their nights at the clubs and bars, you’d be more likely to find me in a coffee house full of beatniks in Hermosa Beach.

[Via Like ... Dreamsville]

Okay, I made that up. I’ve never been to Hermosa Beach, and by the time I discovered night life, coffee houses were way out of fashion.

Still, I never really took to the American bar scene (unless there was a decent band playing that night). I was more at home in all-night diners – which by 1990 in the mid-South meant mainly IHOP, Waffle House or Denny’s. Not exactly a Tom Waits song waiting to happen, but you know, you take what you can get.

Then I moved to Carbondale and discovered the Longbranch Coffeehouse, which worked hard to revive the old coffee-house vibe – not hard in a college town (unless the college town is Clarksville, TN, in which case you’ll get bars and strip joints and you’ll like it), but it was still a great place to get strung out on caffeine until midnight or so, when they kicked you out and you fled either to the Corner Diner or (last resort) Denny’s.

I liked it. I’d have moved in if they’d let me.

So yeah. Coffeehouses and all-night short order joints are my idea of nightlife. Sure, you miss out on fights and wet t-shirt contests. On the other hand, no one ever woke up hungover next to a horrid stranger after a late-night espresso binge. Sure, that’s probably because you never went to sleep in the first place. But you see what I’m saying.

Night owl,

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ITEM: Just a few months after it opened, the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine burns to the ground. A state fire official says it was arson.

I’m guessing the fact that the owner was thinking of upgrading it a strip club may have been a factor.

Leave it to CNN to miss that angle. And leave it to Fox News to catch it.

Personally, I think turning it into a strip club would have been a mistake. Strip clubs are a dime a dozen – okay, maybe not in Vassalboro, but you get the idea. But how many topless coffee shops are there?

Also, people generally go to cafes for a specific kind of vibe – one that’s more quiet and relaxed. Well, not relaxed, exactly. And not all that quiet either. But the point is that yr there to take a break, recharge, socialize, and work on yr thesis or something. The fact that yr barista might have no shirt on, while an amusing and fun attention-getter, doesn’t really alter that vibe too much. Or at least it wouldn’t for me.

Strip clubs are virtually the antithesis of that. Tits aren't just a gimmick – they're the main attraction. Which is fine if you want booze, loud music and hollering, but not if you just want a cuppa joe. Or get yr thesis done. (Unless it's an ethnographic study of strip clubs, of course.)

Still, I wouldn’t advocate arson as a strategy to prevent it. And I can’t say for sure that’s what motivated the arsonist in this case. Either way, it just goes to show: boobs still have the capacity to freak certain people out.

What makes a man start fires,

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