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adult swim, advertising, alan moore, aqua teen hunger force, b-movies, batgirl, bdsm, bettie page, bill hicks, biometrics, blade runner, blue oyster cult, bourbon, bowling, breakfast cereal, c.s.i., cartoon network, censorship, charles bukowski, charles stross, china, civil liberties, coffee, comics, conspiracy theories, coop, courage the cowardly dog, danzig, dark city, david lynch, death note, detective conan, devo, dita von teese, doctor who, doktor sleepless, doors, douglas adams, dragonball, drm, erotica, europop, falco, fear, gay marriage, gay/lesbian, georges simenon, group sex, h.p. lovecraft, harajuku, haruki murakami, haunted houses, henry rollins, hentai, hideo miyazaki, hives, hong kong, hubert selby jr, hunter s. thompson, husker du, iggy pop, japanese tv, jim morrison, john carpenter, john scalzi, jonathan richman, kawaii, kids in the hall, kristin hersh, kung fu, kurt vonnegut, kylie, lawrence block, lesbians, lingerie, love psychedelico, lush, manga, mcdull, mike carey, mix market, mobile entertainment, mobile phones, modesty blaise, monkey king, monty python, motorhead, mystery science theatre 3000, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nick cave, ninjas, norman spinrad, occult, otaku, page 3 girls, philip k. dick, pinball, pinup, planetary, politics, pro wrestling, quentin tarantino, ramones, raveonettes, raymond chandler, robert rankin, robert rodriguez, rocky horror picture show, roky erickson, ron goulart, ronnie james dio, rush, russ meyer, samurai jack, satan, science, science fiction, security, sex industry, sex robots, sex toys, sexploitation, shonen knife, sleater-kinney, social distortion, softcore porn, star wars, stephen chiau, technology, telecommunications, the cramps, the pancakes, the smiths, they might be giants, tom waits, transmetropolitan, tricia sullivan, turbonegro, u2, victoria’s secret, virtual sex, warren ellis, warren zevon, william s. burroughs, writing, zombies
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