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Via Pirate Treasure:

pearl-jelly: Ian Mackaye’s oatmeal recipe 

Everything tastes better when it’s DIY,

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One interesting thing about this trip is that we had a pretty god idea of what to do and who to meet on the way to Maryville-Alcoa, but no idea what to do on the way back to Chicago.

We didn't follow the same path back – we opted to go north and stop at Indianapolis for a night. And since we didn't know anyone along that route, we had no real plans.

And that's more or less how we ended up at the Colonel Sanders Museum in Corbin, KY.

Actually we were looking for someplace to stop for lunch, and we saw signs for it as we came closer to Corbin, so we figured what the hell. As it turns out, the museum is located across the street from the location of the original KFC, and is a sort of replica of a motor lodge that Sanders opened at that very spot.

It looked like this.

COL SANDERS MUSUEM 01 photo 2014-10-20134001_zps0cc0ad21.jpg

 photo 2014-10-20134134_zps44b3d0b5.jpg COL SANDERS MUSUEM 29 photo 2014-10-20143754_zpsb7be9606.jpg

 photo 2014-10-20134241_zpsec15c124.jpg

COL SANDERS MUSUEM 14 photo 2014-10-20143255_zps7dc8dffc.jpg  COL SANDERS MUSUEM 30 photo 2014-10-20143805_zps40c15b44.jpg

You can see all kinds of other pics here.

Also, as you might imagine, there’s a functioning KFC in it. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown used to the HK interpretation of KFC – which isn’t that great – or because of my own childhood nostalgia (we used to take KFC to the park on Sundays when I was a kid, so I practically grew up on it), but I have to say it was the best KFC food I’ve had in a long time.

Chicken done right,

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re: our US tour in October (which I was supposed to be doing a series about, but was too busy with other things to get around to until now):

The tour began in Chicago, which was notable for a few things:

1. Devil Dawgs, which is perfect when yr jetlagged and in need of hot dogs at 1am.

2. The White Palace Grill, which made for a nice brunch thanks to Mr John Meadows.

3. The David Bowie Is exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which we saw with Mr Rich MF Hall.

It was pretty cool – it’s only part of the full exhibit, but it does a good job of showing how Bowie’s various influences ended up shaping his shift from David Jones to Ziggy Stardust and beyond.

So you get lots of costumes and handwritten lyrics and interactive exhibits playing videos of performances and interviews as you walk up to them and so on. There’s also a section for his film activities, which includes his Goblin King scepter from Labyrinth and a letter from Jim Henson, etc. I confess I was expecting more guitars. But that's a mjnor quibble.

All up, it was well worth the price of admission and the exorbitant parking fees.

Sound + vision,

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Circa 1959:

Chun King, 1959

Also, when you have Chun King luau parties, remember that it's bad form to point out that luaus are Hawaiian, not Chinese.

[Via Simple Dreams]

See also: This TV ad for Chun King, written by Stan Freberg. Featuring Arte Johnson as the lift operator.

FUN FACT: Chun King was actually started by an Italian guy from Minnesota – the same guy who came up with Jeno’s Pizza Rolls. (Like egg rolls, only it’s pizza!)

King of chun,

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Yr Grilled Cheese Business lede of the day:

Springwise reports

Conceived in Melbourne, the idea was initially developed as a product to help tower block dwellers who forgot their keys to let their flatmates easily drop them down from high levels via small parachutes. After thinking up a more profitable solution for the product, the team created a pop-up cafeteria from their fifth-floor apartment. Customers order their jaffle — the Australian term for a grilled cheese sandwich — by paying via PayPal and arranging a time slot to pick up their snack. An ‘X’ is marked on the street and the sandwich is delivered via parachute to the ground below.

Evidently they’re running a crowdfunding campaign to launch a similar business in NYC.

ADDENDUM: That YO! Sushi drone tray they mention in the lede? You can’t read about it on Springwise because their free articles expire after 30 days.

But you can read about it here.

Or you can watch this video.

Delivering the goods,

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Yr “F*** Yeah 21st Century” lede of the day:

I want one.

Three words: 

I want one.

Fit to print,

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Much less a 35-cent shrimp plate.

zombienormal:mpdrolet:The Willows Burgers and Malts, 1955 Joseph Fadler   Suppose you’re thinking about a plate of shrimp. 

[Via Gotankgo]

Cheap eats,

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I am at a downtown diner. The short-order cook’s name is Oscar. I know this because I am with someone who is related to him somehow. 

The diner has an outdoor section on the sidewalk, with tables and chairs against the wall, and it works like old drive-ins, only without the car – you sit down at a table, press an intercom button and order yr food.

The person I’m with orders a burger, and it’s only when he asks if I want a side order with it that I realize the burger is for me, not him. I’ve already eaten, so I’m not really hungry, but I decide I should be okay as long as I decline the side order.

We end up going inside the diner to eat, and we talk about how it’s hard to find diners like this anymore where you can get curb service like that and you know the name of the cook. As we talk, I seem to remember my dad bringing me to this diner when I was a kid. I’m glad the guy brought me here – I’d forgotten about it, and it’s a great place for my lunch break in the future.

And then I woke up.

Wake me for meals,

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We’re back. 

For months now, the interweb has been on fire with speculation: Will there be new Banäna Deäthmüffins releases in 2013?

Indeed there will. As promised on the official Banäna Deäthmüffins Facebook page (now live and available for “liking”, should you be so inclined – it’s free, so why not? You won’t be sorry for long).

We’ve got a few songs all set for release. And after much pondering, we decided the best way to start off 2013 was with a song about dangerous sandwiches. 

And here it be.

Lyrics sheet is available )

PRODUCTION NOTE: Based on a true story. I wrote this years ago after an incident in which I bought The Bride a sandwich and sorely misjudged the amount of spiciness desired. 

Boy did I feel guilty.

She’s feeling much better now,

This is dF

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The race for Best Song Of 2013 begins here. 

Pancakes are so METAL.

In which Adam “Blackula” Young records a grindcore song with his six-year-old daughter, Joanie “Bologna” Young, who wrote the lyrics. It’s a duet.

And it’s brilliant.


Yr grounded,

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Herman Munster feeding a whale at Marineland.

vintagegal:Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster) feeds a whale at Marineland, CA, 1965

[Via Biscuits For Smut]

Yr welcome.

Come and get it,

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Because I understand there are a few Doctor Who fans in the audience tonight …

The Timeless Energy of Dr. Who

[Via Mostly Forbidden Zone]

There’s a few more related images behind the link if yr interested.

There’s always time for breakfast,

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As you may know, Hostess Brands – the inventor of the Twinkie – is finally going under.

As you may also know, the management (as well as every conservative pundit in America) is blaming the unions

But we all know what REALLY happened.

I have to say, I’m not especially sorry to see Hostess go, as a brand. Sure, they were a significant presence in my upbringing, thanks in no small part to their comic-book advertorials. But they were also in competition with Zinger, Little Debbie and Moon Pies™ for my junk-food-pastry habit. 

And honestly? I never liked Twinkies much.

My favorite Hostess food? Ding Dongs.

Great snack – shame about the name. I confess by the time I got to a certain age, I found them too embarrassing to bring to the counter.

Anyway, I guess it’s too bad they’re going under. But blaming unions for its demise is silly. Never mind the fact that Hostess basically makes a product (junk food pastries) for which demand has been declining for a decade. When a company triples its CEO’s salary while it is filing for bankruptcy, you don’t really get to argue that it’s all the fault of those goddamn greedy irresponsible workers – not if you expect me to take you seriously.

BONUS TRACK: You can find a very fine collection of Hostess comic-book ads here.


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what-floats-my-boat: 1960sRIPVia Found in Mom’s Basement 

[Via Mudwerks]

DISCLAIMER: I never liked Sno-Balls, personally. I was more of a Ding Dongs man, myself.

More on that later.


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Punk Cupcakes (artist unknown)

[Via Crypt Of Wrestling]

Like punk, except it’s cake,

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The jokes write themselves.

When scouts get together…

[Via Mostly Forbidden Zone]

All they wanted was a Pepsi,

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That’s why they call him Mr Giggles. I reckon.

[Via Vintage Scans]

Free recipes,

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Good morning, humans.

Peel potatoes with a crank!

[Via Mostly Forbidden Zone]

Keep on turning,

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It’s been awhile since Banäna Deäthmüffins have made it into a studio. We did a little touring, but when we got to the states, the van was attacked by a buffalo who then sued us for damages, and that was the end of that tour.

Anyway, there’s some more traveling in our immediate future, and we know you can’t get enough BDM in yr diet.

So, by popular request, we stopped by the legendary Ultrallama Studios to write and record the best song ever about banoffee pie.


And the words go like this ... )

It is tasty, no?

For more Banäna Deäthmüffins goodness, go here.

That’s good pie,

This is dF

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Speaking of American restaurants ...

As many of you know, I have something of a love/hate relationship with Hooters.

I’ve never been in one in my life. But I’ve always been both fascinated and annoyed by it – fascinated because it really does serve as a microcosm of uniquely American culture (capitalism, patriotism, fatty food, beer, sports and shallowness in the form of impossibly hot, fun-loving waitresses), and annoyed because Hooters has always steadfastly refused to admit that the main marketing point of the whole chain is “titties” despite the fact that everyone knows.

Anyway, if you know anything about the rise of chain restaurants, success often breeds imitation. And given Hooter’s success, it’s surprising that up to now I haven’t stopped to wonder why more entrepreneurs haven’t tried to run with the sexy-waitress-with-big-tits idea (apart from the business challenges of protests, discrimination accusations and trademark infringement litigation).

Turns out there’s quite a few – so much so that there’s even a business category for them: “breastaurant” (not to be confused with restaurants that cater to moms who want to breastfeed their infants – and we have those too).

Take Twin Peaks, for example (cheers to [personal profile] bedsitter23  for the tip). It has nothing to do with the TV show, but it does feature a sort of Pacific Northwest lumberjack theme.



According to the Des Moines Register, you can forget about dropping David Lynch references to the waitress – odds are she wasn’t even born when the TV show was broadcast (ouch!). You could probably still ask them to do that trick with the cherry stem, I suppose (in case it’s part of the job interview or something).

Anyway, Twin Peaks is just one example of a not-Hooters chain. There’s also Bone Daddy's House of Smoke, Brick House Tavern + Tap, the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery, Burger Girl and The Honey Shack.

Meanwhile, the same concept has also been applied to hair salons and coffee shops.

It’s tempting to chalk it up to the “success breeds imitation” axiom. On the other hand, consider this little factoid from Business Insider:

Between 2009 and 2010, 5,550 restaurants -- or 1 percent -- closed down nationwide. In 2009, restaurant sales decreased three percent, the worst decline in decades.

Casual-dining restaurants closed down, but breastaurants kept opening and beer sales kept increasing.

Which implies a couple of things: (1) guys are more likely to spend money in a downturn if there’s cleavage involved, and (2) tit-themed businesses are one of the biggest employment opportunities for women who also happen to be buxom babes – especially during a recession.

Make of that what you will.

FUN FACT: While Hooters originated in Florida, most of the breastaurant chains listed above have originated in Texas.

Make of that what you will.

More than a mouthful,

This is dF


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