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Men In Bras!

Blinded by weird science,

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This is a public service announcement.

With lingerie.

[Via Great Grottu (NSFW)]

Carpe diem,

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Funny how this only ever happens to female superheroes.

I’m just saying.

[Via Interstellar Barbarella]

Don’t leave home without it,

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[Via Miss Misty Photography]

Shake it up,

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Somewhere in the Hong Kong MTR:

SECRET WEAPON, MTR ad, Hong Kong, April 2012

Hands up if this ad makes you think of obscure 80s band The Truth.

... No one?

Please yrselves, then.

Weapon of choice,

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When it comes to loungewear for men, David Lee Roth is my idol.

Seriously. Clothing-wise, this is me around the Def Citadel pretty much all the time.

Come on over,

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It's only a chore if you want it to be.

And the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders became areality

[Via Curvy Swervy Dames]

Putting my love on the line,

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As you may know, Thailand has a king.

As you may also know, when in Thailand, you don’t dis the king. Ever. Not even tangentially.

Anyway, I saw his picture a lot.

THE KING AND I 01, Bangkok, March 2012

THE KING AND I 01, Bangkok, March 2012

Here’s that second one from a slightly different angle. Whilst standing next to a lingerie shop.

THE KING AND I 03, Bangkok, March 2012

No dis intended, of course. I just liked the composition possibilities and the idea of giving the king a good view of a lingerie shop, and ...

Okay, I also like women in lingerie. Sue me.

It’s good to be the king,

This is dF

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But you knew that.

[Via BoingBoing]

Boom goes the dynamite,

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And by “you” I mean PJ Soles in gratuitous lingerie fantasizing about the Ramones in her shower.

Recommended for the falsely labeled orgasm.

Yeah yeah I’m no good,

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I have no idea, no.

[Via Radioactive Lingerie]

Up the neck,

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Here's a fun fact: there is no Victoria’s Secret in Hong Kong. You’d think there would be, what with HK being a shopping magnet with gallerias loaded with big-name Western brands. But no VS.

It’s not a conservative thing, because we do have plenty of brand-name lingerie shops here (mainly regional names like Triumph, Wacoal and Satami). We also have a few local shops aiming for the young-hipster market.

One of them is called Bla Bla Bra. And for awhile, its Causeway Bay outlet sported this photo in the window.

Which would be pretty bold if it were intentional (i.e. if their design team actually knows what that particular gesture means). I couldn’t tell you for sure if it is.

Either way, I approve.

Going down,

This is dF

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Y’ever want to meet a woman dressed in nothing but lingerie, a football helmet and shoulderpads, take her to the nearest football field and tackle her?

MTV would like to make that dream come true. Legally!

I’ve written before about the Lingerie Football League, and how I like (or at least respect) it more than “proper” American football, if only because they have the underdog quality of having a hard time just finding a place to play. Plus, you know, it’s chicks in lingerie for its own sake.

But I have to say, as promos go, this is a bit oddball. Dinner with the team of yr choice? I can see that. Locker-room interviews? Sure. Autographed panties? Epic win.

But tackling a player?

I mean, sure, we’re talking about consensual tackling here. And we’re also talking about tackling someone who gets tackled professionally. Also, note that what’s actually being offered here is a chance to tackle an LBL player – meaning, I doubt she’s just going to stand there like a hot tackling dummy and let the winner build up a running start. She’ll probably be a moving target, and she’ll be in physically good shape.

I would also hope that, in the interest of fairness, the contestant has to strip down to his underpants.

Still, you have to admit we’ve reached an interesting milestone in modern society when you can win a trip to a major gambling den just to have a shot at tackling a lingerie model courtesy of a major cable TV channel run by one of the biggest media corporations in the world.

I’ll also admit that it threw me off at first that MTV is backing this. I’d expect something like this from ESPN or The Playboy Channel, or even Fox News. But MTV?

Then I remembered that MTV stopped showing music videos around the end of the 90s. So considering their current programming, the Lingerie Bowl fits right in.

Hit me with yr best shot,

This is dF

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I told you my next post would be sexy.

Like Perma-lift Brassieres, I’ll never let you down.

To the point,

This is dF
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From Fredericks Of Hollywood circa 1962 [via [ profile] vintage_ads ):

We’ve come a long way since then, of course.

Still, I always have the same reaction: you know, someone’s going to be disappointed sooner or later.

What you see is what you get,

This is dF
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... Even to zombies.

[Via Scandy Factory]

Gratuity not included,

This is dF
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ITEM: Marks & Spencer intros a new line of men’s underwear – “frontal enhancement” briefs that offer a greater "side profile" and come with a "hidden front pouch" to "shape and enhance your silhouette".

Like so.

Bodymax underwear (Pic:Marks ans Spencer/PA)

Which I mention mainly to give that Sarah Palin fan the benefit of the doubt and save him further embarrassment. Because, you know, that COULD be what happened there.

On the other hand, given how that worked out for him, I’m not 100% sure there’s still a market for frontal-enhancement underpants. Besides the risk of ending up a viral YouTube hit, there’s also the question of who yr trying to impress with it – and the potential disappointment once they come off.

Then again, if she’s wearing a WonderBra, I guess it all balances out.

No fakes,

This is dF
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What a bargain!

whatever this add is selling i want. <br />unusualadultpartyitems: only about 69 cents

Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping,

This is dF
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And now, inevitably, the WonderBra 3D billboard.

Billboard installer Carl Taylor puts up a 3D billboard in London for  Wonderbra's new Full Effect bra, which can boost busts by two cup sizes

Boost: Models Elle Dible (left), Natalie Brown (centre) and Louise Dainton help launch Wonderbra's new Full Effect bra, with its first ever 3D billboard in central London

A cute idea, though I confess I don’t know how many people walk around carrying 3D glasses.

Anyway, cue public concerns about driving safety in 3, 2, 1 ...


“For those motorists who don't happen to have 3D glasses in their car - and most don't - then as the image is slightly blurred, it will cause you to want to focus on it even more. I think it will be a distraction for men and women on the road. And you just need to lose concentration briefly while on the road and an accident could happen.”

Driven to distraction,

This is dF
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There are probably things more loveable than lingerie models eating ice cream cones on Bondi Beach. But I’m damned if I can think of them right now.

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins from Australia poses for photographers at the launch of 'Lovable' house design summer 2010/2011 collection at Sydney's Bondi Beach

And that’s former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins in there somewhere, by the way.

Lick it up,

This is dF


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